Hashtag (Malysia 马来西亚)


派对乐队/Party Band







国际/International Audience


Hashtag, formed in 2015. A well-known top 40s Mandarin and English band in northern Malaysia. Experienced a lot of events such as famous singers' mini-concert, hotel and pubs, music festival, song original composition, road show, countdown party etc….


The Lineup is Frontline female singer, Frontline male singer, Keyboard cum singer, Guitar cum singer, Bass and drum. 

This band is able to provide a 45 mins Pop concert in the theatre.  


Vincent(Male Vocalist)

A powerful vocalist with many singing competition titles and awards. Specialize in hokkien, mandarin pop and oldies songs. Represents Malaysia and Singapore to the international singing competition. Released an Individual album《Wen Rou De Ye》in 2016.

• 2011 Taiwan Show 《Chao ji Ou Xiang》

• 2014 Hokkien Global Singing Competition top 10

• 2015 Taiwan TV show 《You Meng Chu Tou Tian》top 3

• 20th Malaysia Classic singing competition champion.


Jocelyn (Female Vocalist)

A young, energetic and funny vocalist who brings her performance truly entertained. Sweet voice and sophisticated outlook has been gathered a lot of fans to support her.

• Has performed in pubs & café since 2014.

• Released an individual Chinese new year album 《Xin Nian Yao》in 2017.

• One of the singer for "Tai Yang De Sheng" big concert in Penang Spice Arena Stadium.

• Hundreds of wedding and event functions such as Langkawi New Year Countdown, Penang Halloween

• Emcee in wedding and company dinner

• Former member of The Mister Walker, Phenomenon and Paparazi band


Dede (Bassist)

Leader of Hashtag band. A music degree holder, music producer, arranger, composer and instructor. Everything related to music become a daily working process for him. Short height but friendly personality carried with tons of music knowledge let people respect him from the bottom of the heart.

• USM Jazz Band Concert 2008-2011

• PPO Big Band Concert 2014-2018

• 2017 Thailand Samurai Jazz Festival

• Penang Jazz Festival 2017

• Zhuo Yifeng, Zhang Desheng Mini Concert Bassist

• Beyond (Yip Sai Wing) 2017 China Fujian Concert


Jia Yi (Drummer)

The youngest member in the band. Working in the professional music field at the age of 18 has proven his drumming skill and ability. People who listened to his playing definitely believe that this young talent will have a bright future and make a revolution in drum playing.

• 2012 Chiayi City International Band Festival

• 2014 Disted College Charity Carnival

• 2016 Thailand Smile Jazz Festival

• 2017 Thailand International Jazz Conference

• 2018 Taipei Big Band Madness

• 2018 Samila Jazz Festival, Thailand

• 2019 Hua Hin International Jazz Festival


Yeong How (Guitarist/Vocalist)

Signature with his powerful and rock voice. Jam Hsiao a like of singing skill with the guitar playing make him feel like superstar on the stage.

• Has performed in pubs and clubs since 2010

• Professional acoustic and electric guitar musician.

• Been performed in pub such as Uptown, Nueve, Fuel, The Bank, Tavern, Asahi Road Show, Carlsberg Road Show etc.

• Cooperated with "YongBang", "Li Peiling" for special event performance.

• More than hundreds wedding and function events' performance experience.

• Former musician for Wind Entertainment, Phenomenon and Paparazi band.


Sushi (Keyboardist/Vocalist)

Cute look with character voice always surprise the audience and get attention. Versatile, proficient accompanist makes her become the singer’s first choice to collaborate with. She’s also a contract song composer with HIM.

• Vocalist/Keyboardist/Pianist since 2009

• Melaka Hard Rock Cafe 2012

• Malaysia Comic Fiesta 2017-2018

• Royal Caribbean Cruise 2013

• Malaysia Artist "Ke Qing" Mini Concert

• Pink"Chen KeBing" Mini Concert

• "GuangLiang" Mini Concert



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