Major Impact (Philippine 菲律宾)


派对乐队/Party Band






国际/International Audience



is a five piece band from beautiful Philipines. The lineup is two Female front vocalist, Bass cum Male vocalist, Guitar and Drum who also could be the back vocals.


The ambition to experiment  in performing different  sounds and music  from all types of  genre  has brought talented musicians and singers to form a band called MAJOR IMPACT  in 2000.  Obviously, as the name implies – the band is  determined to mark  a name in the entertainment  circle  and create  an unforgettable impression  with  their music and spectacular performances.    


Now on its 5th generation,  and on their 12th year of being a tight team, the present lineup  of  MAJOR IMPACT’s  band leader/vocalist Lezlie Igna,  is more determined to rock  their audience in their gigs with her deep and sultry voice, added up by  the charm , suave moves and angelic voice of Cristina Calomarde, making them a perfect combination of power house vocals. With 3 seasoned and passionate musicians, Elmer Enad on bass, Angel Jurilla on lead guitar, and  Jonathan Ponciano on drum, each contributes in achieving their continuous craving for excellence.


They have performed in different venues, hotels and bars locally and abroad- U.S. Military Base Okinawa Japan, Xintiandi Shanghai China and also captured the hearts of guests in cruise ships in mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.


On stage, they are guaranteed crowd drawers with their exceptionally unique style of routine acts and spiels, shifting from sophisticated and intellectual, to wacky and funny, depending on the crowd and venue. They carry with them a wide array of repertoire ranging from hits from the 60’s up to the top hits of today – may it be alternative, pop & classic rock , soul, country, disco, reggae,  RnB, Motown, ballroom, and international songs of different languages. The passion and energy is evident in whatever genre they play. And what's most important for them is the crowd's enjoyment and satisfaction, making them feel at home.  On their repertoire, they don't just have all English songs, but also Japanese, Korean and more than 60 Chinese songs, and they are willing to learn more!


The group is like a family with  mutual respect and understanding. Every member takes an active role to make musicality better. Filled with high spirits, enthusiasm, diverse tastes and experiences, the band makes sure their powerful effort will appeal to a wider spectrum of their audience.  The resulting sound is new and refreshing, appealing and as impressive as this multi talented group named  MAJOR IMPACT.




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