Maria Donna  玛丽亚 (Philippine 菲律宾)












Donna is a world class performer, with vocal mastery of various genres such as standards, ballads, rhythm & blues, pop, broadway, jazz and rock. Has released two self-titled albums which showcased her vocal prowess and her versatility as an artist. Her talent has gotten her various shows like the “Festival of the Lion King” and “Golden Mickeys” in Hong Kong Disneyland, Productions Shows of Royal Caribbean International, TV Guest entertainers and Concert tours, last but not the least, she won the 2006 Grand Champion of the 9th Shanghai Asia Music Festival New Singer Category, which is an international competition participated by 23 countries. 


She is now ready to present you her own show!  In the show you can hear her sing songs of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, some Chinese songs and much more. She can own that songs with her powerful voice. She can even play guitar and with her ability to be cute and yet very appealing on stage. She has the ability to persuade the audience to have fun with her and enjoy every moment of her show. 



Grand Champion 9th Shanghai Asia Music Festival   2006

Garbo sa Subbo (Pride of Cebu Awardee)               2006

Talento Cebuano Awardee (Talent of Cebu)            2016



Royal Caribbean International:

Featured Singer/G1 Enchantment of the Seas    Oct. 2014 – June 2015

Featured Singer/G1 Radiance of the Seas Sept. 2015 – May 2016

Featured Singer/ G1 Jewel of the Seas             Aug. 2016 - July 2017

Featured Singer/G1  Mariner of the Seas          Aug. 2017 till May 2018


Hong Kong International Theme Parks Ltd. (Hong Kong Disneyland):  2007 – 2012

“Nala” Vocalist Festival of the Liong King Show

“Tarzan Singer” Vocalist The Golden Mickeys Show

“Mainstreet Carolers”  Vocalist Hong Kong Disneyland Mainstreet USA

“Special Event Singer” Vocalist Hong Kong Disneyland Corporate Events


Recording Artist  Sarua Records 2005 – 2007

Lead Vocalist One in Him Band 2002 – 2005

Sequencer Singer Macao China, New Century Hotel 1999 - 2000




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