Star Rhythm  星韵乐队 (Malysia 马来西亚)


派对乐队/Party Band







国际/International Audience


A new born band!


Ben - Bassist/Vocalist  (Band Leader)

He has entered the music industry at the age of 18. 

Has participated in music production since 2008 and he also involved in music MIDI arrangement recording and learning MIDI arrangement. At the same time he wrote a lot of technical articles, including the cubase software recording tutorial.  The tutorial was published serially in the monthly MIDI magazine. 

In the same year, he was engaged in recording and post-production work at Beijing HaiXinHuaDing Film and Television Company. 

In 2011, he joined the 5 pieces band as a Bassist in the Star Cruise line for 2 years. After returning to Malaysia, he has also worked as a record player for many musical works.


Gen - Frontline Female Vocalist

Started singing career as a part time vocalist in unplugged music scene then slowly developed into full time vocalist since 2016 after graduated from high school.  In 2019, she developed herself as a new keyboard vocalist.

Gen is specialized in Chinese Songs (Cantonese ,English ,Malay ,Hokkien, Korean) pop, ballad, oldies, pop rock and etc.



Champion of 2008 Pop Song Singing Competition at SJK©PhorTay.

1st Runner Up of 2015 Singing Competition at Methodist Boys’ School.

Champion of 2015 School Duet Song Competition at Methodist Boys’ School.

Top 10 of Beijing Cubatic Singing Contest 2017 at Penang Area. 

Top 20 in Final Result NewayK Voice 2017.

Top 10 in Final Result NewayK Voice 2018.


Philip - Keyboardist/Vocalist

He is not only a performer, but also a composer and arranger who lives in Kuala Lumpur. He started to be a Music Enthusiast since he was 3 years old. Philip pursues his Bachelor Degree in Music (Bmus) professional Music in the major of keyboardist from International College of music (ICOM) and is now performing at corporate and wedding events in KL. Apart from that, Philip also sessions for local artist INSOMNICKS and JULIA DUCLOS.

Has many experience of playing in full band.


Sam - Guitarist

He has been performing in full band at corporate and wedding events throughout Malaysia at a young age. Sam is currently pursuing a Diploma in Music at MIA where he is major in Guitar, Bass and Music Arrangement. He is a Multi instrumentalist and after joining SoulJu Music, he also performed in a few Pubs in the Klang Valley. Apart from that, Sam is also sessioning up and becoming local artist Asyraff Firzan.


Steph - Drummer/Vocalist

Steph is quite senior drummer in the party band on the high sea.

With 3 years experience with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and 1 year experience with Star cruise line.  



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