Sunsun  姗姗 (Malysia 马来西亚)


邓丽君模仿秀/Tribute to Teresa Teng





45Min x2



国际/International Audience


Sunsun Chong was born on the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia and she was born to sing from an early age. 


Her first commercial performance was at the age of 18 years old in a small Café in Kuala Lumpur. She dazzled everyone she met with her voice and shining smile. Sun has been singing all over Asia for over 11 years from cafés to pubs and on cruise ships, delighting guests with her beautiful voice.  She was introduced at an early age to the amazingly talented Teresa Teng (Teresa Teng, is one of the most famous Singer in China. On the whole planet, wherever has Chinese where has Teresa Teng’s Song, that’s how much we love her), from then, Teresa became to her Idol.  


Her concert is to pay the tribute to the amazing Legend Teresa Teng. 

In the show, you will not just hear all the Teresa famous classics but also some interesting stories about Teresa which arouse more sympathy among Teresa, audience and SunSun. 

You will also be able to see Sunsun in a couple of different significant Chinese outfit to bring you back to Teresa’s age for a timeless journey. 

Most of Teresa’s song are soft and beautiful, Sunsun will add a couple of POP songs in the middle of the show to give more elements to the show, the same time to cater for the audience who might have a different taste of music.


Sunsun has two different 45min concert shows:

1. Tribute to Teresa Teng

2. Wide selection of POP songs 




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