Music Notes  (Philippine Band 菲律宾乐队)

种类/CATEGORY: 派对乐队/Party Band
观众群/AUDIENCE:国际 / International Audience

Music Notes Band is a 5 piece band which formed in 2017.  

It Composed of 4 rhythm sections, consist of Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Drum. The cherry on top of the cake is their attractive and Musically inclined female lead Vocalist. 

Everyone in the band are able to sing to offer a wide range of repertoire. And most of them having both Local and International performing experiences, and two of them have been working on Cruise ship as well.  

So far they only have about 6 Chinese songs on their Repertoire. But they are eager to learn more, as they have the passion to learn all the good songs all over the world.

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